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TL-903 ThreadLocker / Blocage de Filet

TL-903 ThreadLocker / Blocage de Filet


These anaerobic adhesives are used to keep nuts and bolts tight under all conditions. They replace lock washers and other mechanical fasteners which prevent parts from coming undone by vibration. They come in 4 different strengths and viscosities to meet various bolt size requirements.

Colour: Blue
Viscosity (CPS): 1200-5000
Gap Fill: 0.007"
Breakaway Prevailing Torque: 120/45
Cure Speed: FAST
Temperature Range: -65°F – 300°F
Screw Size: 0.75"
Locitite Equivalent: 242


  • 10ml: TL-903-10
  • 50ml: TL-903-50

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